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AxxonSoft video management software

Axxon Smart PRO is the first product of the new generation of AxxonSoft video management software (VMS). Axxon Smart PRO sets a new standard for functionality in small to mid size systems. With its innovative user interface, state-of-the-art video analytics, event response configuration capabilities, role-driven multi-user access, Axxon Smart PRO provides an unprecedented range of capabilities.


  • Automatically identifies all IP-video equipment connected to the local area network
  • Viewing video images in a supported resolution from a video camera while simultaneously listening to the audio from a microphone linked to that camera (if it is connected to an IP server) or connected to it physically.
  • Any kind of complex configuration of screen layouts can be set for video viewing.
  • Step by step zoom mode feature allowing the operator to maintain control over all cameras even while zooming.
  • Telemetry system object enables the functions of the PTZ subsystem allowing users to set and use preset video camera positions, patrolling feature, controlling iris, focus, and optical zoom etc.
  • Video can be Continuously recorded as well as initiated by a detector or by an operator, with a pre-event recording option.
  • Axxon Smart PRO provides new opportunities for managing the video recording archive. Recording caused by different events (triggering of the video detector, security sensors, etc.) can be written to an archive with different settings.
  • AxxonFS – a new file system for storing video archives is used.
  • The Axxon Smart PRO 2.1 version will utilize VMDA – a database developed by AxxonSoft for indexing and storing descriptions of observed scenes.
  • Playback of video image recorded to the archive from one or more video cameras (in the latter case, playback will be synchronous) with simultaneous playback of sound recorded together with the video.
  • Integrated use of the Analytics Subsystem include Situation analysis detectors, Basic video detectors,Basic audio detectors, Built-in detectors of video cameras (video stream processing) ,Embedded detectors (processing signals from a “dry contact” sensor of a video camera.
  • User can set detection zones and/or masks for motion and/or stopping of an object in the set area within a camera’s field of view, detection of an object crossing a set line within a camera’s field of view, Detecting the appearance and/or disappearance of an object in the set area within a camera field of view, detecting abandoned items in the set area within a camera’s field of view, absence/presence of an audio signal from a microphone etc.
  • The Forensic Search subsystem is a set of tools for searching the video recordings in the archive using video image metadata.
  • Upto 64 cameras per server
  • 4 servers
  • Unlimited archive size
  • Unlimited number of clients.

Technical Specifications

Number of servers in the distributed system Up to 4
Number of clients which support simultaneous connection to the server Unlimited
Number of servers which simultaneously transmit video images to a client Up to 4
Number of video input channels per server Up to 64
Number of simultaneously processed signals from microphones Determined by the number of the IP video devices’ audio channels
Number of PTZ devices used Determined by the number of PTZ IP video devices
Number of tiles displayed simultaneously on a client’s screen Up to 25
IP device support IP cameras and IP video servers from various manufacturers. The list is constantly growing. User can add support for new devices to the system by updating the Drivers Pack software module. Reinstallation of the entire system is not required for this.
Number of archives in the system Unlimited
Video compression algorithms MJPEG, MPEG-4, MxPEG, H.264, Motion Wavelet
Hardware decompression of video H.264 on NVIDIA graphics cards which support CUDA
Available video image resolutions Resolutions supported by the video cameras
Support of embedded video camera video analytics Yes
Support of touch-sensitive monitors Yes