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Parking Area ANPR System

ISIM-ANPR is capable of capturing the number plates of vehicle from front and rear is suited for vehicle parking sites. This system is capable of day and night operation.


  • ANPR Camera – 2 Mega Pixel per lane with adjustable electronic shutter
  • 5 decade light sensor
  • Compact loop detector for vehicle detection (1ft x 1ft)
  • 30W IR Flash for night image capturing
  • PC Software with database for vehicle image and number plate information
  • Up to 4 cameras can be interfaced to single software
  • Search option by date / time, vehicle number
  • Entry / Exit vehicle detection (programmable)
  • Expandable to 2 lane per control unit (contact factory)
  • Unique head light rejection feature
  • Supplied with junction box and cables

Bill of Materials

  • 2 Mega Pixel ANPR camera with outdoor housing and mounting bracket
  • 30W IR Illuminator with mounting bracket
  • 12V DC power supply
  • Loop detector 1ft x 1ft
  • All required cables with standard length
  • System software and database with ANPR, search feature

Ordering Information

   ISIM-ANPR-PLZX-1L Parking area ANPR system for single lane
   ISIM-ANPR-PLZX-2L Parking area ANPR system for double lane

Schematic Diagram


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*All specifications are subjected to change without notice due to continuous R&D

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