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MTX-NET: Multi DVR Network

MTX-NET configuration is a multi DVR network comprising of DVRs and keyboards with Speed dome support interconnected through a System Controller.


  • Using MTX-NET, maximum of 3 users can operate up to 8 DVRs and 128 speed domes.
  • Each user has one dedicated keyboard for DVR & Dome control and one video monitor for video monitoring.
  • When a User / keyboard selects a DVR, the user gains the control of the selected DVR. It’s output video is switched to the monitor corresponding to the keyboard.
  • User is capable of accessing the DVR functions, and even control the speed domes connected to that particular DVR.


System controller
Video inputs 8x video inputs, 1Vpp / 75 ohms
System interface RS485 n/w1 for DVR and Keyboards
Video outputs 3 X 1Vpp /75 ohms
Power 230VAC / 50 HZ
System Capability
Max. Number of DVRs 8 x EX16, 128 cameras
Max. Number of Monitors 3 , CCIR PAL
Max. Number of Keyboards 3 x KBD-MG ( 1 x master and 2x slave keyboards) Rs485 n/w
for Speed domes, supported from Master Keyboard

Hardware Specification