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IPVR family of DVRs accept 1 / 4 channel analog video inputs and 1 channel audio input and record them on local hard-disk. IPVR connects to the outside world through its Ethernet port. Live view of cameras, playback from IPVR disk and configuring the IPVR are done using PC software. For local display of video, an analog video output port is also provided.


  • It combines advantages of COAX Wiring & IP connectivity
  • Use cost effective analog cameras
  • Very low system solution cost
  • Use existing LAN wiring, since network bandwidth useed only during live viewing / playback
  • Local QUAD / sequence call monitor
  • DYDNS Capability
  • Web server support
  • Simultaneous RECORD / PLAYBACK
  • Proprietary streaming crash free file system
  • Built in USB Hard disk support (160/250/500GB)
  • Local Monitor(Sequence / Quad)
  • Activity based recording
  • Direct speed dome control
  • Record quality ,speed -selectable x 3 levels.
  • Back- up option via LAN
  • Dual MPEG4 streams
  • Expand up to 64 cameras
  • 1/4 Channel option
  • Second stream -bit rate/fps independent adjustable
  • Battery backup option -built-in charger,cameras power supply


Video Inputs 1/4(1V pp/ 75), PAL/NTSC
Video Outputs 1 BNC(1V pp/75),QUAD/SEQ(4th # only)
Audio Input 1 x RCA (line level), 10k(Optional)
Encodeing rate (dual stream) IPVR4x : 100fps/CIF (4#) / 25fps (field)IPVR1x : 25fps (D1/Field/CIF)
Compression MPEG4, ASP Adj. quality, bit rate, frame rate
Playback Over LAN , Play, FF, REW, PAUSE,Archive
RS 486 1 x for direct dome control
Alarm input/output 1Input / 1output(TTL)
LAN 10/100 BaseT
USB USB 2.0 x 1(for USB HDD)
Power 12V DC/1A
Dimension 195mm L, 126mm W, 55mmH
Weight 1.2kg
Operating conditions 1-450 90%RH
IPVR 4x 4#Model
IPVR 1x 1#Model
Battery Back-up board optional
Audio Input optional


  • PC server need not be switched on all time
  • Immune to failure of LAN connections
  • High Reliability due to independent operation
  • Recording capacity up to 250 GB / camera
  • Record duration from weeks to months
  • Connect up to cameras

PC Software

  • LIVE viewing of cameras from multiple IPVR
  • Multiple display formats
  • PTZ controls
  • Alarm monitoring
  • IPVR grouping options
  • Remote setup of IPVR configuration
  • Video clips search options by Date/Time
  • Download of Video/Audio clips
  • Web server (over internet browsing )
  • ISP In system firmware update