About Us

Mediatronix is a technology focused company, active in the fields of  Medical Imaging and Video Surveillance since 1993. Technologies in which the company has been involved include FPGA based real-time video processing, ARM/PowerPC/DSP based systems, X-ray technology, Wireless, etc.

Driven by a strong R&D unit, recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of Government of India since 1996, the company was the first to introduce Fluoro Image Capture Systems with real time noise reduction in India. These Fluoroscopy Systems are being used by many MNCs in India for the past 15 years.

Mediatronix has also developed and introduced a wide range of cutting-edge technology Video Surveillance products like Digital Video Recorders, Speed Domes, etc into the Indian Market in the last 12 years. New generation products include Megapixel CMOS/CCD IP Cameras, SD/HD IP Domes, Embedded Network Video Recorders, Central Management Software, IR Illuminator, Connectivity products, etc.

The company is also an OEM for traffic violation detection products like Red-light violation and Over-speed detection systems and Auto Number Plate Recognition Cameras.The company’s new thrust areas include wireless, home automation, thermal imaging, x-ray technology, etc.